Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend (failure)

So how do you spell disappointment? N-o-e-l-l-e? I know I'm just being super, super hard on me. Weekends are always a food binge lol, I think what may help is if I start working on the weekends and we're busy at work...then I won't have time to shove my face if I am helping customers.

Went to a hockey game last night with my old roomies/bffs Irene & Derek. It was pretty fun we went to Applebees before the game and we order margaritas for happy hour and of course I was so excited because a) I haven't had one in a long time and b) for a double mango blended margarita it was only going to be $5.95 what what. Unfortunatley the bartenders basically gave us all virgin margaritas, aka a splash of tequilla and 99% margarita mix! It was the sourest, sickest drink I have ever tasted in my entire life. Regardeless I was PISSED and even the second one they gave us after we sent the drinks back was only okay - not close to my liking. I think I'll stick to my usually blueberry press or mandarin vodka tonic/soda.

My Mom called me this afternoon and my Dad was in a snowmobile accident. He was going around a bend and because it was icy (He was up at our cabin where there's still snow) he flipped his snowmobile and rolled over the edge of a huge hill. THANK GOD the only injury he got was a broken shoulder. I can't even begin to imagine what else may have happened. I think God is really on my Dad's side. This is his third accident up at our cabin in the last 3 years. My freshman year of college he was on our quad/ATV and he flipped over the edge, thankfully to be unhurt and then a couple months later while he was building a cabin across the street from ours a block of food flew and hit him in the face, knocking him unconcious and missing a large artery by inches...He had to get a lot of reconstructive surgery to fix his eye but luckily he is doing good now with his eye.

It makes me think there must be a higher power! Gotta have faith, huh?

My family. Love them all to death!!!!

Anyway, time for bed it's nearly midnight and I have a feeling tomorrow will be pretty busy. :-)

Friday, February 20, 2009

C'est la weekend!

Something is terribly wrong with my computer =( It will not let me log into any sites...even my hotmail or bank account. I don't know if it's a virus or something is not installed properly. Either way it's cramping my style and not allowing me to update. There's nothing much to update about...I've just been eating the worst things as usual, and not doing more than taking Oskar on a walk. I really want to lose weight for my trip to visit my family in Pennsylvania this summer. Even if it's 15 pounds - that's better than nothing! Anyway, almost done with my closing shifts at work so my schedule is what will motivate me. Plus I will be working out with my best friend and going to our kick boxing class YEAH! I'm updating at work and we've been busy so I'll have to leave everyone with this ;).

Happy Friday!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Long week...

Well, I just got home a bit ago from work. Finally it's FRIDAY! (Well Saturday now haha!) I have felt like crap all week from poor food choices. I didn't have time to eat at work today since we were kind of short handed so I ate like a pig when I got home. I'm going to be pretty good next week and go grocery shopping on Saturday or Sunday and only buy good food. That's my problem, I've come to find, is I eat crap because I either do not buy food or only buy food that looks good, not caring so much about the caloric intake. If I buy only good food and don't let myself get fast food when someone goes at work then, I'll be better. Plus when you eat better it makes you want to go work out and such. Does my theory sound weird? It was Friday the 13th after all! Haha.

I have no plans for Valentine's Day but, it's not worth being sad over. I don't need a Valentine to make me happy. I thought I wanted to make things work with my ex for the longest time but, he was selfish and could not be there for me like a boyfriend should. You have to love everything about yourself before you can love (like) anyone else. Anyway I should probably get going to bed. I am going to go with my best friend to visit our friend who just had her baby! Yay! I love babies! If I was just a little bit more stable financially I might try to go get knocked up...;) No just kidding. Anyway hope that next week brings me success.

Happy Valentine's Day! I will leave you with a picture of my baby boy.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well I am going to do my best to post in this as often as I possibly can, but I can not guarantee I will remember! I am working on setting my life back to the place it was in 2008 where I was living a healthy lifestyle. Luckily for me I am almost done with the closing shifts at my work so I can get back into a normal routine of excersise, healthy eating and normal sleep schedules. It's almost 12:30 and of course I am still awake since I don't get off until 11:15 PM! I need my time to relax, and unwind so if I'm getting off earlier I'm hoping to actually get to bed by 11 pm! :) Anyway I will definitley track my progess but for now I guess I will just post some pictures of my's not too exciting by the way but, it's me.

Here's just me...I get bored easily with my camera!

My best friend Irene at her wedding in November. It was beautiful!

My Mom, sister and I at Irene's wedding.

My Mom and I - love her to death.

This is me and my beautiful baby boy Oskar, whom is the light of my life right now!!!