Friday, February 20, 2009

C'est la weekend!

Something is terribly wrong with my computer =( It will not let me log into any sites...even my hotmail or bank account. I don't know if it's a virus or something is not installed properly. Either way it's cramping my style and not allowing me to update. There's nothing much to update about...I've just been eating the worst things as usual, and not doing more than taking Oskar on a walk. I really want to lose weight for my trip to visit my family in Pennsylvania this summer. Even if it's 15 pounds - that's better than nothing! Anyway, almost done with my closing shifts at work so my schedule is what will motivate me. Plus I will be working out with my best friend and going to our kick boxing class YEAH! I'm updating at work and we've been busy so I'll have to leave everyone with this ;).

Happy Friday!


  1. Darn I hate when my computer is down. See you later! I'm up bright and early, Rox woke me.